Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stand by me

Day 3 of Diabetes Blog Week, lets talk about who supports my habit, oh wait I mean who hangs around to encourage me, cheer me on, and help me when I need it. 

Well this one is obvious. It's Bunny! 
Ok, it is really Bunny and Gerry.
Bunny was there for the early years. I told Bunny's history previously, so I won't rehash it. Although I cannot remember Bunny ever fetching juice or glucose tabs at 1am, he took great care of me in his own special way. On the other hand Gerry is a pro at fetching juice at 1 am, testing my blood sugar while I sleep and putting up with out of range blood sugars. 

He took to diabetes like a fish to water. I don't remember ever explaining to him, what his role in my diabetes care would be, but somehow he just knew. He does a great job, and inspires me to try harder at taking care of myself. 

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  1. Awww, both Bunny and Gerry sound awesome in their own way. So glad you have them both!! :)