Saturday, May 19, 2012

D-Blog Week - Saturday with D and me

"With a nod to the Diabetes 365 project, let’s grab our cameras again and share some more d-related pictures.  Post as many or as few as you’d like.  Feel free to blog your thoughts on or explanations of your pictures, or leave out the written words and let the pictures speak for themselves."

Join me and D as we recap our Saturday;

A great way to start the day!

Yes, I can eat that.

I can spell things with my BG readings :)
Pre-Skating #.
Exercise is good for me. Yes, I did run into the wall :(
See the nice pink pump on my hip, it is at 50% basal.

Housekeeping is great for lowering BG.


Double down, time for a snack.

Yeah, I can eat that too. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

D-Blog Week - We grow up

"Let’s do a little advocating and post what we wish people knew about diabetes.  Have more than one thing you wish people knew?  Go ahead and tell us everything."

Type 1 is still commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes, but what people don't seem to know is that we grow up and diabetes doesn't go away. 

When I was diagnosed at age 3, I had to test my blood sugar multiple times per day and take insulin to survive. Now 27 years later, I still have to test my blood sugar multiple times per day and take insulin to survive. I will continue to do so until there is a cure. 

I loved Rainbow Brite when I was dx.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

D-Blog Week - Conquest Pump

"Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be?  Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc.  The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?"

Meet Conquest, the learning pump. Answer a few simple questions and Conquest will begin to learn to manage your diabetes. 
  • Conquest learns your eating habits including; meal times, nutrition content, and BG spikes. As well as exercise and hormone fluctuations.
    • With the built in food index database, simply scan the barcode on your food or look it up.
    • Get precise carb counts, fiber and fat data factored into your insulin dose. 
  • Conquest knows your BG, thanks to integrated continuous glucose monitoring technology.
    • One insertion site houses both insulin infusion and CGM. 
    • Insertion site is nearly flat and about the size of a dime.
    • Insertion is simple and painless, no insertion device necessary.
  • Conquest will automatically adjust basal and bolus rates based on learned patterns.
    • Conquest will e-mail your endocrinologist or CDE whenever adjustments are made.
  • Conquest will shut off insulin delivery during hypoglycemia.
  • Conquest can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. 
    • At a glance logbooks, with charts and graphs.
    • Estimated HbA1c
  • Conquest is available in any color or custom cases.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

D-Blog Week - Day 1 revisited!

Ha, I've thought of a blogger who is not known to the DOC (heck, I'm not sure if she even knows about the DOC!)

Please meet Isela of Sweet Rollercoaster.

I "met" Isela through a friend of mine who competed in pageants with me (Hi Cynthia @ Kait & Aud)
I was at an event for Operation Sweet Dreams, and I kept hearing a pump, but it wasn't mine. I searched and searched for the tell-tale tubing, but couldn't find any.
I thought I was going insane. When I mentioned it, Cynthia introduced me (via Facebook) to Isela, the source of the pump noises.

Isela is a T1 who enjoys cooking, crafting, photograpy, dancing and of course blogging. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has an adorable son.

D-Blog Week - Action Plan

"Yesterday we gave ourselves and our loved ones a big pat on the back for one thing we are great at.  Today let’s look at the flip-side.  We probably all have one thing we could try to do better.  Why not make today the day we start working on it.  No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!"

Today's topic is much easier for me than yesterday's was, which is kind of sad.... 
I am notoriously bad at treating low BGs. Half the time I ignore it until my husband tells me to go treat, the other half of the time I treat with inappropriate foods. Usually something high fat, but super tasty. 
Some of my favorite "low" treats.
Starting today I am going to make an effort to treat my lows with glucose tabs. I have to be specific here, otherwise I will manipulate whatever I want to eat into magically becoming "fast acting" carbs. In addition to treating with glucose tabs, I am going to follow the rule of 15 to the best of my ability. 
One of favorite flavors of tabs (the other is watermelon)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

D-Blog Week - Everything in it's place

As we all know, with diabetes comes lots of stuff; insulin, reserviors, infusion sets, etc... and each piece is uniquely important. If one little item were lost, it could become a matter of life and death.

I've lost and forgotten d-supplies before, so to prevent it from happening again I've organized all my supplies. Having everything in one place makes it easy for me to know when I am running low on supplies and to find exactly what I am looking for.
D-supply zone
When a new shipment of supplies arrives I put it away immediately. I always put my sof-serter and sen-serter back on the shelf where they belong. I put the CGM transmitter on the charger, so it is ready to go when I need it.

I am a D-supply Super Hero!

Monday, May 14, 2012

D-Blog Week - Find A Friend

"Think about the d-blogs you read that you think we may not know about and introduce us to one that you love!!  Let’s all find a new friend today!"

Yikes, this is hard, I think that the d-blogs I read are all well known in the DOC. I'm on the hunt for a new undiscovered d-blog. 

brb :)

Ok, I'm back and I found one.... okay well kind of. I searched Type 1 Diabetes on Blogher and this was the first blog I clicked on :)

Slaughterhouse Rules (sounds intriguing, right?)

But the author, writer, bloggeress?, blogger w/T1 is super adorable and even though her blog is not entirely dedicated to all things D, I am going to follow her anyways :)

Okay this all seems a little creepy actually, but there you have it; and I'm off to check out more blogs!