Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diabetes Art Day

I know I am a few days late posting this, but it was my birthday, so I have an excuse. Right. Yeah. So here is my art;

It is a brooch, made from a dead CGM transmitter. I wrapped the transmitter in lace, because no matter what you try to hide diabetes under, it doesn't make it disappear. 

Then I added some tulle and sequins around the base of the transmitter, to pretty it up. 

The bunny charm is a Hare :) 

There is a star button, that I cut off of an Anthropologie catalog, which is my favorite store. 

The netting wrapped button is a spare button I found in my button drawer. 

The rhinestones and metal bow I saw at Joann's and decided they would look good on my brooch also. 

Lastly I added a red sequin drop of blood. 

I think it turned out beautiful and I've worn it several times.