Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mr. Harer Says;

Blog about your dog! I now declare Wednesday as Dog Blog Day! 

Roxy is our oldest. She is a border collie of sorts and if you ask her she is the alpha of the pack. Roxy doesn't like to bathe, being brushed or grooming rituals in general, she also doesn't like human feet. At times she is very sweet, but mostly Roxy spend her time licking herself and sleeping. 

Roxy's nicknames: Roxdilla, Dill, Dill Pickle, Dilly. Grandpa Lansdell called her Roxy Annie and it kind of stuck, so that is what her collar reads. 

Roxy likes to occasionally run away, she believes it is good exercise (for her humans.) She loves car rides and considers it a job well done when her little adventures in running away conclude with a car ride home. Fortunately Roxy has never gotten truly lost or been picked up by the pound.

Roxy sheds a lot, since she had white fur people often ask if I have a cat. Her fur covers everything and it impossible to remove. In 100 years people will still likely be finding Roxy fur in my belongings. 

She can be quite vocal and her bark sounds like she is saying "row". She tells us when she wants to be let outside of her doggie containment area, also when she is hungry and when we are doing something she doesn't approve of. 

Roxy is excited to be the first feature on Dog Blog Wednesday and wants to know when she will get to guest post. 

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  1. DOG BLOG WEDNESDAY! So fun :)

    I'm sure IVY would love to post sometime...and Roxy is welcome to Candy Hearts any time ;)