Friday, May 14, 2010

Gym and I are not friends

Diabetes Blog Week day 5.  105 diabetics (and those who love us) share our views on exercise.

I do not like the Gym. I have free membership to the Drayson Center through my job, but rarely ever go. Partially because of my schedule (40hrs work and school 2 days a week) and partially because I am lazy. That being said, I do get some exercise. I walk from X-Lot everyday that I work at the Medical Center. It is almost a mile from X-Lot to the main hospital building. I take the stairs whenever I go up to the APN office on the 6th floor, although I usually have to hide out in the corner to catch my breath before I go into the office. Gerry and I try to take a bike ride once a week. We like to ride at Lake Perris
and along the SART trail. We also have a treadmill at home which I use sporadically.

I don't have any specific plan for managing my insulin and food to avoid bottoming out during my workouts. Typically my blood sugar drops about 70 "points" during a 1 hour bike ride. Since I wear a CGMS, I can see when I am dropping and treat accordingly. If I am working out with Gerry we use shot bloks to bring up my sugars. I especially like the margarita flavored ones. 

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  1. Shot bloks? I must look into these margarita flavored things! Although Caleb will not likely appreciate the margaritaness of them. :)