Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kindle, you disappoint me.

For the last three or four months, I've enjoyed using the Kindle on my Iphone. I have read and re-read my copy of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, and I was so excited that today, after months of waiting, the new SVM book Dead in the Family was released. First thing this morning I opened up my Kindle app and clicked the Get Books button, only to be denied access to the one thing I wanted most.

I was about to admit defeat and go to Barnes and Noble to purchase the book. On the off chance that it might be available in the Apple IBookstore thing, I snuck back into the bedroom to pry the IPad from Gerry's sleeping fingers. Sure enough there the book was on front and center on the Apple IBookstore thing. I purchased it and proceeded to do the Judie Happy Dance.

I am so disappointed with Kindle, I vow to now only use the Apple IBookstore thing to purchase my ebooks.

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