Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today was supposed to be a Diabetes Snapshot day, and I began the day with the best of intentions to document in photo my diabetes. But alas, the day got away from me and I only snapped 1 photo. Blah.

So I am going to take advantage of the wildcard topic option.
"Wild card - Blood Sugar Nirvana or Moronic Moment.  (inspired by the lovely Kelly Kunik) Blog about the time you ate a meal that tends to spike you to the moon, but your perfectly calculated and timed bolus kept your blood sugar happy. Or tell us about that time your brain had a little diabetes-blip and you did something you think is “stupid”. (Because chances are, we’ve done it too!!) Go ahead, brag about your triumph or commiserate about your d-blooper. "

Low stories make the funniest bloopers and I have had some good ones! If you were to interview any of my numerous family members I am sure they would all have a wonderfully funny Judie low moment to share. Here are a few of the best ones.

Tea Party - Gerry and I had just begun dating and he was photographing a high school baseball game. I told him I needed to eat, but he didn't seem to get the urgency. Ultimately I convinced him to hand over the car keys, so I could go get a snack. I disappeared for hours. The game was long over by the time I returned. Gerry asked where I had been and I replied, "having a tea party with all my friends from kindergarten." I was still low too. No one knows where I really went.   

The Fit in the Cruise Ship Dining Room - The Lansdell family was on our annual vacation. It was one of the few times my cousins Jess and Justin actually got to come along. It was the last day of a lovely cruise, for anyone who has been on a cruise, you know it is a lot of hurry up and wait. My grandparents are pretty fussy about meal times while on vacation, but somehow that morning breakfast kept getting put off. This was when I was still on MDI (multiple daily injections) so postponing a meal was dicey. In the middle of the dining room, I throw a full on toddler style tantrum. No one seems to recall what set the tantrum off, but it escalated to the point of several servers holding me down, while my grandmother force fed me orange juice, with approx. 2500 other passengers staring at us. 

Finally, I wanted to share although it is not a low story, today while browsing some of the fantastic posts by my fellow d-bloggers, I realized this will be my 25th year with diabetes. Wow! I hadn't really thought about it before, like I know and say all the time that I have had diabetes for 24 years, but it didn't sink in that 25 years came next. I think I deserve a big party. 

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