Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Life.... with the 'betes

Karen over at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes has organized this Diabetes Blog week and today we (all 95 of us) are blogging about an average day and all the ways in which diabetes touches it. As anyone who has diabetes (or those who live with us) knows, nothing about our days is ever average or typical. Each day brings new challenges and successes. With that in mind, I am going to follow the example of many of my peers and post a log of today.

5:28A ~ Alarm goes off. I throw my arm over my head and vow to get up in 15 minutes.

5:42A ~ Get up and get dressed for school. Speech is due today. Put on make-up and curl my hair.

6:15A ~ Finalize my speaking outline and notecards. 

6:30A ~ Leave for school.

7:01A ~ Take my seat in class and test my blood sugar, 305, WTF? Oh yeah I had pasta last night. Okay dial up 5.9 units on the pump, and skip the cupcakes being passed around the room. :-(

7:50A ~ Give my speech, it was a success. Test again to be sure I didn't have an adrenaline spike. 229. Good it is coming down.

8:50A ~ Pull through Starbucks, I need a treat for doing so well on my speech, (and for passing on the cupcake.)

9:30A ~ Work

10:40A ~ Input new glucose sensor on my hip. No bleeding, but it hurts like someone is shoving a toothpick in my hip muscle. 

12:20P ~ We are celebrating a coworker's birthday, picnic lunch. 87 blood sugar, woo hoo that came down nicely. I give in to the cupcakes.

2:20P ~ 93 post prandial, yay!

Afternoon ~ Watch on the sensor as my blood sugar coasts up to 160 and decides to stay there.

3:30P ~ Take the stairs up to the 6th floor APN office to pick up office supplies. Treat myself to a cookie.

7:04P ~ Sensor beeping, time to calibrate. 187, correct with 1.1u and plan for dinner. We will be having truckey (turkey, Nina style) burgers.

I do not dare try to foreshadow how the rest of the evening will go blood sugar wise, because I will jinx myself.

Look out for a new diabetes post tomorrow about how I like to treat a low. 

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  1. Way to bolus for the cupcakes!!!!
    Kelly K