Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mid-day Rant

House cleaning makes me low and I don't want orange juice, I think we are out of glucose tabs, and if I eat anymore cherries I may puke. Must have real food, good ol' graham crackers and peanut butter, but we have no graham crackers. Ahhh, I feel a melt down coming on, it's a good thing I am home alone. or mostly alone, the dogs are here. Sheila, please don't lick the sweat off my face, it really irritates me. Gotta go eat. That means get up and go into the kitchen, now. Move. 

update ~ crisis averted, I found blackberry sorbet in the freezer. and after I cracked all the ice off the container (because I didn't want to get my hands wet) I was able to happily bring my blood sugar up. 
(image from The Hungry Mouse )

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