Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review of Our Visit to Club 33

You know how they say that things are a once in a lifetime experience? Well visiting Club 33 was not one of those times, I could not be satisfied if I never get to visit again!
When we walked into New Orleans Square, it was actually easy to locate the Club since we knew exactly what we were looking for (and had a map.) It was a little disappointing to find several large groups waiting outside the Club, it seemed hmm, a little less inconspicuous with all those people dressed to the nines hanging out there.

Mr. Harer used the famous brass speaker to inform them we had arrived. We rode the french lift upstairs to the main dining room. Our waiter was Patrick. We ordered the fixed Vintner's Menu, which was five courses. The chef had prepared a complimentary mushroom truffle appetizer. I don't like mushrooms, but it was so tiny and dipped in balsamic vinaigrette, it tasted good. The first course was salad. It was a yummy baby spinach with little potatoes and bacon.

Next was the fish course. It was a white fish (possible mahi?) over sweet potato with diced fruit salsa. Then came the entree. Of course it was steak, medium rare. I was starting to get full, at that point, but didn't want to let the waiter take my left over steak away. He kindly put it into a togo container (so classy Judie!)

The cheese course was the fourth course. I have bad experiences with cheese before and I do not like goat cheese, but they did not include an goat cheese. In fact they selected a Brie and a Bleu cheese served with balsamic vinaigrette, marmalade, and a cucumber infused cabbage.

Dessert was an apple lady finger, with a tiny little cup of ice cream. After dinner we indulged in a few purchases from the souvenir case. Mr. Harer chose a Club 33 lapel pin and I got Club 33 mouse ears, which we had embroidered with my name.

Yes I did take an extra guest towel from the restroom to keep as a souvenir and we received the traditional Club 33 matchbook (which is filled with note paper) and a Club 33 pen.

I managed to keep a nice even blood sugar throughout the evening. Overall it was an amazing experience! We enjoyed it very much, thank you again to Chance (and his parents) for the invite.

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