Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go away low and don't come back!

It is day 2 of Diabetes Blog Week organized by Karen. Today all of us are sharing our favorite way to treat low blood sugars.

These yummy japanese fruit chews are my favorite way to treat a low. Each package contains 10 individually wrapped candies. Each piece is 4g of carbs (just like a Glucose Tab). Usually I end up eating the whole pack, because they are so yummy. My favorite flavor is Melon, but I also really like the Green Apple ones, oh and I like the Strawberry and the Mango is good too. The Banana flavor is new, our World Market doesn't carry them yet.....

My second favorite way to treat a low is ...
Naked Orange juice is the only orange juice that I like. When I was still working at Macy's and having trouble with lows, I was drinking 2 bottles almost every day. I think it helped lower my cholesterol too.

So, that is how I like to treat my low blood sugars. Tomorrow let's talk about who helps me most with my diabetes care. Betcha can't guess!

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