Monday, November 2, 2009

Bunny ~ The other man!


Bunny came into my life the Easter after I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1986. He was inappropriately dressed in a lavender ladies swimsuit, but Bunny is most certainly male and currently is wearing a pair of Rudolph Reindeer boxers.

Bunny was around when I learned to give injections and I am afraid he may have suffered greatly at my hand. He has been on every vacation, to summer camp and every sleep over. When I began to wear a pump, Bunny also had a pump, thanks to my very crafty Stepdad.
Naturally, Bunny was an important part of my dating life, if a boy could not accept Bunny, that was an instant deal breaker. Fortunately, Gerry loves Bunny and is often seen cuddling him after I get up for work!

Bunny lost his tail in a fight with a german shepherd dog, for a while he was using Rogaine treatments, but he only managed to regrow one single strand of tail, before he gave up. He is balding in many areas and has been restuffed once or twice. Bunny also had his arm ripped off at one point, but I lovingly sewed it back on (upside-down, oops.) There is a marble that lives inside Bunny, it is his most prized possession.

He can usually be found in my bed. So, now you've met the other man.

Is there anyone special in your life?

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