Sunday, November 1, 2009


So it has been a month since I created this blog and I still have yet to decide what type of blog I want it to be; It could be a patient blog, and give the day to day story of my life with T1 diabetes, or my job working within the health care field. 

It could be a fashion blog, and discuss my love of clothes and my dream of having a closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw, or my job selling women's shoes at America's favorite department store. 

It could be a dog blog, sharing daily quips about my adorable furry children.

Or what if it were a homemaker blog? Chronicling my various attempts at cleaning my house and in general being more Martha Stewart like. 

None of these seem to fit what I want to write daily about. There is so much more to me than can fit into any one category. My blog is not able to be categorized, I will not allow it to be put into a little box and labeled as any one genre. 

Like me, it is ever changing. 

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