Saturday, November 7, 2009


or at least trying.....

It's been exactly a month since Grandpa Mack passed away and a little less then 3 months since Grandpa Harer passed. I think Gerry and I are doing a pretty good job keeping it together, but I know underneath the put together smiles, we are having a hard time.

My coping strategy has been just to not think about it. This works pretty well until I start to think about it. Usually the thinking happens, when I am all alone, at my desk or driving in the car. Tonight was a full on cry-fest. I  was whining to myself because my ear hurt so bad. It used to be, when I did not feel well, I would call Grandpa, it addition to Gerry, he always knew how to make me feel better. Or he'd irritate me enough that I forgot about whatever I was sick over. And that set it off full-blown tears and sniffles.

I just wonder how long it will hurt for?

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