Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Nearly Turkey Day

In honor of the lovely turkey (Mr. Harer doesn't like turkey, we usually have steak instead), I won't be eating here is a Thanksgiving meme.

1.What are the traditional favorites?  
The day always starts with egg casserole for breakfast. Like I mentioned already we do steak since Mr. Harer hates turkey. However before I became Mrs. Harer, turkey was on the menu and I happen to like it. I love me some stuffing. Of course mashed potatoes and gravy are on the menu. Usually green bean casserole. And pumpkin pie to top it all off.

2.What new recipes will you try this year? 
Probably none. Remember I don't cook.

3.What part of the meal do you never compromise?  
Yams, I can't stand them. It doesn't matter how many sweet toppings they have, they're gross. In fact maybe I don't like them because of all the marshmallow and pineapple stuff mixed with them, since I like sweet potatoes. 

4.Who gets to carve the turkey?  
Ummm see above.....

5.Family style around the table or buffet style and everyone sits wherever there's room?  
When we actually have Thanksgiving at home, it is buffet style. 

6.How many will be at your table this year?  
That depends. If the Harer family hosts Thanksgiving there could be anywhere from 5-13. If the Lansdell family hosts, it will be 11-15 people.

7.Three best pies for Thanksgiving dessert?  
Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Pie. There is no other kind.

8.Cranberry sauce...yeah or nay?  
Yay, mix a little turkey, mashed potato and cranberry on your dinner roll and it is so yummy.

9.What time do you eat Thanksgiving dinner?  
Between 1-2pm. 

10.Favorite leftover?  
Stuffing. I love cold stuffing.

Now it is time to put up the Christmas Tree. 

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