Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diabetes Celebrities

In honor of Diabetes Month, the American Diabetes Association is hosting a blogroll called Diabetes Stops Here℠: Living with Diabetes; Inspired to Stop It. Each of the bloggers will post a diabetes related entry every day in November. I missed the first few days, so I will add those on at the end of the month. 

Day 4 ~ Diabetes Celebrities – From rock stars like Bret Michaels to professional athletes like Jay Cutler, people with diabetes are showing how diabetes has not stopped them. Who’s your favorite diabetes celebrity?

I have to be up front and admit, I hold diabetic celebrities to a higher standard. I expect them to not say or do stupid stuff, in regard to their diabetes (ahem, Brett Michaels, Halle Berry are you listening?) I don't have a favorite diabetic celebrity, however their are several who I think have handled their diabetes publicity well;

Of course Mary Tyler Moore tops my list, she is a great advocate and I've never heard/seen her say something stupid about diabetes. 
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Second on my list is Nicole Johnson, who wouldn't love a diabetic Miss America? 
Photo Credit: Fox News

Tied for third are Nick Jonas and Charlie Kimball.
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Lastly, she is a celebrity in the DOC, Kerri Sparling. 

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  1. Great list! Sometimes I have to shake my head at good ol' Halle...and just pray for her. Just pray.