Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ice Troll

Yesterday IceMom posted about Ice Trolls, these nasty little people seem to be an issue at almost all rinks. One of the rinks I skate at is swarming with ice trolls, however until this week they have not bothered me. But there is a first time for everything right?

The adult skater group was practicing our routine for the Christmas Ice Show and the ice troll and I skate to the center of the ice from the same direction at the beginning of the routine. After going through the routine once, she turns to me and asks "Why are you here?" 

I figured she meant it innocently, kind of more like "oh, what made you decide to start skating?" but then I realized she meant it more like "I am more advanced than you and you are just in my way, so why don't you run along." 
I've seen this Ice troll at a few public sessions and she seems to have a clique that she skates with, they have never said anything to me, but I think I will do my best to avoid them in the future. One hostile skater is all it takes to turn the whole group hostile. 

I guess I just expect adults to act like adults and refrain from petty, catty behavior. 

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  1. Wow people still act like that...maybe the ice troll should spend more time being polite rather then practicing her routine on the rink...