Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rose colored glasses?

No, they are more like clear, but thanks for asking.

My new glasses, except instead of Navy, they are Clear.
I had to see the ophthalmologist this week for my annual eye exam. Since I still have contacts left over from last year's visit, I decided to get a new pair of glasses (plus the dog has been chewing on my old pair, so....) I picked these really cute Lacoste frames and the best part was insurance covered all but $28.

I don't understand how Lenscrafters charged $400 for no-name brand glasses with insurance coverage, last time I bought glasses. Weird.

Anyway. The best part of the appointment was not how inexpensive my designer glasses were, rather it was the fact that my eyes show no signs of diabetes related issues. Yay, me.

Other than my eye appointment I had my annual review at work today, and that also went well. Hooray for raises. Since the week has started off so pleasantly I have high expectations for the remainder, especially since my wedding anniversary is on Friday.


  1. Hi Judie, it's Cynthia :) Cute glasses! Yay for no diabetes related issues!! Congrats on the raise and Happy (early) Anniversary!!

  2. Happy early anniversary!!!! Congrats on the work review and, especially, for those awesome eyes!!!