Saturday, August 28, 2010

Face, meet Ice

Yes, my friends, I fell. It was bound to happen, I just wasn't counting on it happening so soon. I went to the rink with the intention of just skating during the public session, but I got bored. So I figured I would see if I was still capable of actually doing some **crossovers. I started on the circle with backward crossovers, because they were always easier for me. Cool, easy peasy no issue there. 

Then I changed to forward crossovers, whoops. Not so easy. But I was managing pretty well, then out of nowhere, my toepick hit the ice and I knew I was going down. I was crossing left over right, so I ended up landing on my left hip with my hand sliding up the ice above my head.
It might have looked something like this, minus the skating tutu. 
Yeah, it hurt! But I did what any true skater would do; rolled over, took a knee, stood up and continued those forward crossovers until I got them right. Then I skated off the ice to go to the ladies room and cry! I am already feeling sore and I can just imagine what tomorrow is going to feel like. Good thing I just bought a new bottle of Motrin.

There will be no figure skating lesson next week, because of the Labor Day holiday, so I will begin lessons (hopefully) the following week.

**For the record, I have been properly taught crossovers by a figure skating coach, I didn't just randomly decide to try something without any training. 

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  1. Damn toepick! At least you were doing something semi fancy. I've caught my toepick just skating forward before. I really do need to get my butt back on the ice. Haven't been since May when our group lessons stopped. Zack scored us some free private lessons though, so hopefully we'll get to start those soon.