Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jam-packed schedule

Mr. Harer and I both have Christmas Eve off work. This is big, I don't think that has happen ever in the 10+ years we've been together. All my Christmas prep is done, so tomorrow is basically free time for me. I have no idea what Mr. Harer has planned, but I plan to go to the ice rink. I know that after the New Year holiday my schedule is going to be HECTIC, so I should enjoy whatever free time I have.

Classes start Jan 3rd, I'll be taking my classes at Loma Linda University so at least it is on campus where I work and I don't have to brave the freeway to get to school. I've got Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology this quarter and next quarter.

Like I mentioned previously I will be skating on Wednesdays and Saturdays now to accommodate my school schedule. Plus I am preparing for the Anaheim Ice ISI open in February. I will be competing in technical program, "artistic" and possibly stroking.

On the D-front, I am hoping to maintain, if not lower my last A1c. I hate so say I think I've got it all under control, because we all know what stress does to BG levels. So we shall see.

Busy Busy Busy that is me. If I don't post as regularly please don't forget about me over here in the hollow.


  1. Hang in there! What are you studying in the Health Care Field?

  2. How could we ever forget about you :)

    Hang tough and keep in touch -- that's the beauty of a blog!