Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Y

Big news today, the YMCA has a new name. They will now be known as just The Y.  I am a little concerned over this change, not because they are eliminating the reference to religion in their name, but because they are downplaying the importance of the Christian values that shaped the organization. 

Our local YMCA, which host the Great American Youth Circus, was built in 1914 and has "Young Men's Christian Association" painted in a lovely script across the main entryway, visible from Citrus Blvd. 

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The three principles that the YMCA was founded on are; Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body and Healthy Mind. Initially the goal of the organization was Christian discipleship, developed through a program of religious, educational, social and physical activities. Just add the Y to the long list of youth organizations who have dropped their spiritual emphasis.

My experiences with the YMCA helped shape my spiritual growth. I was involved the the YMCA in elementary school through their summer swim program, as were all my siblings. In addition as I've mentioned before I participated in the YMCA Ragger program through Camp Conrad-Chinnock. 

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  1. I am completly saddened by this news. It seems that people forget that our nation was based on christian values, and to have a complete disregard for these values is to live in a completly lost society.
    yes; our amendments state that we as a unified nation have freedom of Religion, press, etc. but, we have been so consumed by being "politically correct" and making sure that we don't step on the toes of others, to watch our "P's and Q's" (so to speak) and to respect the religion of others, but what I say is respect the religion that this great country was founded on. No, people will never be settled on only one religion but respect each other and respect what we have and had.

    Is this the change that many wanted ?