Monday, July 26, 2010

I might be a perv?

I had to have lab work done recently, which also means the inevitable pee in a cup (sorry TMI, I know, I know), but bear with me I have a point here. 

In the lovely clean lab restroom, the toilet seat covers were not in their container, I noticed the box said "Lavender" in purple writing, with images of pretty little flowers all over it. 

Hmmm I thought, I wonder? I sniff the air, yes it does faintly smell of lavender. So of course I pull out a cover place it against my face and take a deep breath.

No, the toilet seat cover did not smell like Lavender!  ~**Note to self: Just because the brand name is similar to a scent you love, does not mean the public restroom supplies are scented**~

Thankfully there are not cameras in the restrooms, because I am pretty sure I would have looked like a perv. Or at the very least a super weirdo.

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