Wednesday, November 2, 2011

T1 Day

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. It has been mentioned all over the DOC (diabetes online community) that we kind of get shafted since our "month" comes right after breast cancer awareness month. You just don't see blue everywhere, the way you see pink. But! With enough voices I think that we can have an impact and begin to see more diabetes awareness type activities.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JDRF has announced November 1 to be T1 Day. They created this short video to raise awareness.

I will definitely be getting a foam finger, but in addition I plan to have blue Fridays at work and wear my blue skating skirt at the rink. My hope is that by wearing blue, I will have the opportunity to talk to people about Type 1 and answer any questions or misconceptions they might have. 

What other great awareness ideas should I implement?

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