Wednesday, November 9, 2011

3 Truths and A Lie

It addition to being NABloPoMo, it is also National Health Blog Post Month!

Although I'am not participating fully this year, some of the prompts are too compelling to pass up. Like today's;

Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, your Health Activism, or your life. Now tell us 1 lie. Do you think we will be able to tell the difference?

Exciting right? I happen to have a natural talent for making up "stories" so lets see if you can figure out which fact is not true. Leave your answer in the comments and I will enter all the correct answers in a give away for a really cool handmade diabetes awareness brooch. Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. Once when I was low, I disappeared for hours, then told my husband I was at a tea party with my friend from kindergarten. 
  2. I was afraid to give my own injections until I turned 11 years old. 
  3. I love grape glucose tabs.
  4. I used to wear my infusion tubing as a belly necklace complete with charms and pendants.
Ok let's see your answers.

1 comment:

  1. Is it number four???? If not, then my second guess in #3?? Hmm, this is kind of hard!! :)