Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dog Blog Day - Moral Obligation

Duke our corgi mix has some issues. My sister C, adopted him from the shelter. At the time she lived in a place where they were not animal friendly and Duke was subjected to some very inhumane treatment.

Sister C, moved out of there and was living in her car and moving from place to place (that's a whole 'nother story), so Mr. Harer and I offered to care for Duke until she could find a permanent place to stay.

We've had Duke for 5 years now, and Sister C has moved out of state.

The problem is, Duke has major behavior issues;

  • He is aggressive to all men other than Mr. Harer. 
  • When we are away at work during the day Duke has to be contained otherwise he destroys household items and furniture. But, he doesn't like being locked in a room, so he's tore up carpet and scratched through a door. We can't put him outside because he barks constantly. He also doesn't like to be in a dog crate. 
  • After tearing up the mattress for Sheila's dog bed, just after we moved into our new house, we decided that Duke needed to be in a crate whether he likes it or not. 
 We bought him a metal crate and a nice cushy mattress for it. 
*similar to this crate

Within a day, he tore the mattress to shreds. Then he chewed on the water dish until it broke. Now he's started tearing apart the plastic tray that lines the crate and biting the metal bars, which are all bent out of shape.

At this point I just don't know what to do with him. He gets lots of love and attention from us, plenty of exercise at the dog park. He is socialized (Sheila's crate is right next to his and she behaves fine) We feed him high quality food. I just don't know, why he is misbehaving.

We can't place him with another family because he is aggressive. Mr. Harer says we need to put him down, but I don't think that is ok. You wouldn't kill your kids if they had behavior issues. However the dog destroys our house and costs us hundreds of dollars in pet supplies and medical bills.

It's tearing me up and I don't have a solution to the problem.

Sheila & Duke

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