Thursday, November 10, 2011

Attention Walmart Shoppers

It happens occasionally, you spot someone else with a pump and feel this instant pull towards them. Every fiber in your being wants to reach out and connect with them. And if you let the moment pass, you'll be thinking about it and wishing you'd acted on your impulses for hours afterward.

This isn't what happen to me at Walmart tonight...

Mr. Harer, Sister C and I went out for an almost midnight snack. As we were working our way towards the checkout lanes, basket full of carbolicious goodies, Mr. Harer informs me that he saw an ad for the One Touch Ultra Mini on sale ($10.97). I've been meaning to pick up another one for awhile now, so we head down the diabetes care aisle.

I ask Mr. Harer and Sister C to help search for the pink Ultra Mini (yes, it has to be pink), when a very lovely lady standing in front of the glucose meters ask, "Are you diabetic?"

"Yes, I am." I reply. She begins to tell me how her 14 year old daughter was just diagnosed. She asked about the pump and the glucose sensor. I happily relayed information about how the pump is wonderful especially for a physically active teenager. We talked about resources available in the community,  JDRF, Diabetic Youth Services, Camp, sparkly unicorns and about the DOC.

Suddenly I looked around and noticed Mr. Harer and Sister C had migrated off to another aisle. But I wasn't finished talking. That's the thing, when you get the chance to share your experience  expertice diabetes with someone and give them hope that everything will be okay, it's kinda hard to know when to stop! I could talk about diabetes for hours and I am happy to share it all.

After I did finish my conversation and track down my missing family members, Mr. Harer mentioned how awkward he thought the whole encounter was. But I don't agree,  we PWD's and family members of PWD's need each other's support. That connection is what makes the DOC so wonderful.

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  1. I agree! The chances we get to share help us know we are not alone.