Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sticks and Stones

You would think that living complication free with Type 1 diabetes for nearly 25 years would make me immune to the mean uneducated things that people say, but it's not true. Those nasty comments hurt my feelings, very much.

I want to put it out there again for those who just don't get it, my type 1 diabetes is not a "bad case" or a more severe form of the disease.

It is simply a different form of diabetes! I did nothing to cause it. 
(for the record, neither did my parents, grandparents, God or anyone else)

and since I am on my soapbox (as are many other D-bloggers this week; Kerri @ Sixuntilme, Kelly @ Diabetesaliciousness, 1LittlePrick, and others )

If there was a cure to Type 1 diabetes, I would not be attached to my pump right now!

okay I feel slightly better.

Now if you made it through all of that, on to the good stuff......

Yosemite was so much fun! The weather was great and I have got some beautiful pictures to share. So this coming week will be vacation recap.

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