Friday, June 18, 2010

Chain Store Fish

Mr. Harer and I couldn't decide where to eat last night. I wanted Sushi, he wanted, well I am not sure what he wanted. We ended up at our friendly neighborhood  Applebee's.

We tend to avoid the Redlands Applebee's because usually they have poor service and even worse food quality. But about every couple of months we apparently decide to torture ourselves and try it again.

** note to self, stay away from Applebee's, they have nothing you want. It will only make you sick.

I was debating between the Asian Shrimp on their seasonal menu or the Fish and Chips (I know healthy choices right?)

I chose the Fish and Chips because I wanted it more. Mr. Harer ordered too. We waited, and waited and waited. After nearly 30 minutes I was started to get concerned. Really how long does it take to fry some fish sticks.

I joke that they ran out of Fish so our waitress must have had to run across the parking lot to Walmart to get some.

Finally our food arrives. Now this is what the Fish and Chips looks like on Applebee's menu (I got this photo off their website) Looks yummy right, beer battered and crisp.

Wrong! What I received was veiny soggy and square. And to top it off my fries were cold.

I forced myself to eat one piece of fish (I am so stupid) then Mr. Harer and I walked over to Walmart to buy Alice in Wonderland on  BluRay.

That is where I saw this. This is exactly what my Fish and Chips looked like.

Now I know this is totally a silly rant, but really I think they did get my Fish dinner from Walmart and I am so disappointed. But to top it all off, by the time Mr. Harer and I got home, I was sick and not just a little sick, but making real friendly with the porcelain sick.

I am not claiming it was the fish, but it is all I ate and once it was gone I felt much better.

Just fair warning to whoever is lurking out there.

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  1. Probably why our Applebee's went out of business.