Sunday, June 6, 2010

Packing with Diabetes

It's been blogged about by nearly every D blogger on the planet. Packing with diabetes. Which means 30% of my suitcase is full of diabetes supplies, there is a smaller case of supplies in the carry-on (or my purse) and there is yet a third set of supplies in Mr. Harer's suitcase.

You might wonder why I would want to carry so many extra supplies when the airlines charge per bag by weight, but trust me I have lost/forgotten enough supplies in my lifetime to know the importance of having extras.

A ten day vacation requires:

10 infusion sets
10 reservoirs
3 CGMS sensors
2 sof-serters
2 sen-serters
2 packages of syringes
3 bottles of insulin
100 lancets
6 bottles of strips
1 bottle ketosticks
1 box water resistant bandaids (to hold the sensors in place)
25 alcohol swabs
1 extra meter
3 AAA batteries
1 glucagon kit
3 bottles glucose tabs

and 1 happy healthy Mrs. Harer.

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