Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Officially Scary

At the rink, I've been working on the Scratch Spin. That is the lovely spin the figure skaters do, where they cross one leg over the other and spin at mach speed for about a million rotations. There is a lot than can wrong with during the scratch spin. It is officially scary!

You know what else is officially scary? Going low at the rink; there is a lot that could go wrong during a low blood sugar, on ice.

At the rink I have a hard time determining if I'm sweaty from working so hard or from low blood sugar.
The room is spinning, is it from the spin I was just practicing or from low blood sugar?
That all over tingly feeling, maybe it's adrenaline from landing a difficult jump or maybe it's low blood sugar.

I've talked before about the techniques I use to keep my blood sugar balanced while at the rink (here), but sometimes my blood sugar drops anyway and that is officially scary. `

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