Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Confession Day

I never wash my hands before I test my blood sugar.

I know, it's horrible right? I don't have a good reason for not washing, I just don't. 

Which is really weird since I work in healthcare and I wash my hands all the time! Why don't I offer myself the same courtesy that I give to my patients? 

Honestly, as far as I can remember, my dirty hands have never had a negative impact on my blood sugar results. But all it takes is one time, right? 

I have a lot of bad D-habits, but this one probably ranks high on the list of really really bad habits. 


  1. Only if my hands are visibly dirty -- if they need to be washed anyway -- will I wash them before testing. Otherwise, I'm lucky if I lick my finger clean. Hey, the lancet is old and dirty anyway, right?

  2. Pretty much the same here. I usually only wash them if they're dirty from doing something like outdoor work, been biking and so have increased sweat on them, or just ate something like fruit that got all over my fingers that I'd be using. Then I wash, or at least wipe off with an alcohol swab in the case I'm not at home or by a sink to wash. Rare occasions, of course.