Sunday, July 3, 2011

She's Alive... Alive!

Thank you to the 40 of my 42 followers who still remain after my 3 month dry spell. I am going to try to post more often. For today, how about a short recap of what has been going on the past 3 months?

My last endo appointment was good, A1c dropped .6, let us hope it continues that trend. Dr. Lee did have me start taking Metformin (*please note, this is off label use in a Type 1) to try and control the post meal spikes and overall blood sugar craziness. Supposedly it is supposed to support weight loss as well, but i've yet to see any results.

I didn't finish my Anatomy & Physiology or Microbiology classes in spring because of a financial aid issue, so I am taking them this summer. Which means my schedule is insane, but it is only until the end of July. 

I will continue to try and keep skating related posts to a minimum here. I've moved up to freestyle 1, which is where the real jumps begin. I need new skates, like 2 months ago. The Center Ice Arena ISI Open is July 24th and I am competing (but I haven't actually learned my program yet.)
Home/Family Life:
My wonderful husband bought me a new power cord for the laptop, which is why I am able to blog again. 

The new Redlands Dog Park opened recently and it is walking distance from the house. However, Sheila doesn't want to play if we walk to the park, I think she gets too hot and tired. I bought Sheila the cutest pink bunny pj's, I can't wait for it to be cold enough to put them on her. 

I inherited some of my mother's talents and tripped over a curb last Tuesday. The new season of True Blood is disappointing so far, and I may not continue to watch it. 
That's about it.....


  1. So glad you are back posting! Glad to read that all is well with you all. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the ISI open to see your routine! I'm sure you will be great. :)

  2. Welcome back! Great to see you blogging again.