Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CGM in the Pool

I am trying to fit daily exercise into my schedule. So working out at the Drayson Center is ideal, since I don't have to leave campus between work and school to go to the gym.

I'm not really into using the weight room or the fitness machinery and the aerobics classes tend to be really crowded with staff and students around 5pm.

Hence, I swim.

I am not a strong swimmer, in fact most would call what I do, dog paddling. In order to stay out of the way, I dog paddle in the leisure pool, with the kiddies, rather than the Olympic size pool.

Have you ever noticed how curious kids are? Yeah, the kids at the Drayson Center are no different. I spend about 10 minutes of my swim time explaining the CGM to the kiddies and giving mini lessons on type 1 diabetes to the parents.

Anyway, there is a really cool water slide into the leisure pool, but I am afraid to try it.

"What if my sensor gets ripped out, slides down the slide and doesn't float. I don't dive, so I'd have to enlist the help of a little kid to retrieve it; only to discover that since it became detached the water got inside the connection and ruined the transmitter."

Really, I am serious! Can someone please share their experience with water slides and CGM's? I'd really like to enjoy the slide without worrying.

In addition, does anyone else get a minor skin irritation from their IV3000 (or CGM adhesive) and chlorine?

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