Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ice Drama

My group lesson today was great, no one else showed up, so I had a private lesson without the private lesson price. 

Michael (my coach) and I worked on really leaning into my outside edge to clean up my forward crossovers. I will have to keep working at that during my practice ice time. 
I have no idea where this image came from, so if it is yours let me know. 

We worked on backwards crossovers, and lastly we began those dreaded 3-turns. 

3 Turn: A figure skating element, which involves a change in direction and a change in edge. 

Now, I know I am not the only adult skater, who's had trouble with these darn 3-turns. It's just that they are so important to moving on. They are essential to passing my adult pre-bronze moves in the field test. In fact they are a component of the test. Ugh, but I just cannot get them! My brain understands, but my body won't cooperate.
But, all this complaining is really just to point out how much FUN I am having.  I am enjoying my time on the ice and I am thrilled with how easily everything has come back to me. Once I master these 3-turns, there is only one element left to learn before I can test, which I'm so excited about. 

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  1. Such an exciting hobby you have! I, of course, would be on an ortho unit in traction if I tried these stunts, but I'm proud of you :)