Monday, January 7, 2013

I Can Do This!

  • Today was my first day of Nursing school. 
  • I woke up on time! (6:30am clinicals here I come!) 
  • I bought a Venti Starbucks and drank it all!
  • I sat through University Orientation, Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Orientation, Basic Skills and Assessment Orientation and didn't fall asleep!
  • I ate vegetarian lasagna for lunch, which was left overs from last nights open house at the School of Nursing!
  • My blood sugars were nice all day!
  • My Clinical Nutrition professor (teacher?) has T1!
  • I made new friends!
  • I received 3 folders full of papers, that I have no idea how to organize!
  • I bought 9 textbooks! (Technically I borrowed 3 of them, thank you Janet!)
  • It was an intense day!
  • But I am excited for Tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your nursing school acceptance!!
    you can do it and you will do it!! Stay focus and always with positive attitude!! Good Luck in all your classes!