Sunday, December 18, 2011


It came out of nowhere, I swear it wasn't my fault. No really, I didn't do anything to cause it. After 20 years of diabetes bliss, it just happened. I never want to go through that again.

Even though I had a little upper respiratory infection, I went to the rink like a normal Thursday night, we were working on the Christmas program. My pre-skating BG was a little low, but I treated, no big deal. On the drive home my stomach was feeling like a boxing match was taking place and I was so thirsty. First thing when I got a went to the little girls room, then I tested, although I already knew I was high.....

329! Okay, no problem. I dial a correction on the pump and watch Bones (and pee another 2 or 3 times). 1 hour later over 400. Okie dokie, I pull and replace my pump site, take a old school injection and wait another hour.  370, well it's coming down, I'm going to bed.

2am, I'm in the bathroom for possibly the 30th time. Test 429. Where are the ketone sticks? Mr. Harer says were out, so I run to CVS. Begin vomiting on the way home. I figure I don't even need to test the ketones, but since I need to pee anyway... Large Ketones.

Head to the ER, they give me 2 liters IV fluid and despite my BG still being over 350, they send me home. The vomiting continues at home and my BG is still rising. CDE says I need to go back to the ER, this time they admit me.

My hospital stay wasn't horrible, but the way I felt was miserable.

Now that it's been nearly a month and my BG's have been really stable. I kind of think the DKA reset my inner d-control center. I saw the endo on Friday, he assured me that the DKA was likely secondary to the upper respiratory infection and it wasn't my fault. In fact did you know that 90% of DKA hospitalized are secondary to infection?

I hope this helps prove to you D-Mamas, that sometimes things out of your T1's control will happen and mess up their diabetes bliss, but they'll know how to handle it. Don't be afraid of them growing up.

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