Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Am I Crazy?

Last year, Sister C and I participated in the BIG Blue Test, by skating at IceTown. Since then I've had the idea of hosting a BIG Blue Test event at the rink.

What I would like to have happen is, the rink would host the BIG Blue Test during a Friday night or Saturday public session. If the skater comes to skate wearing a blue shirt, they will get free skate rental, but if the skater participates in the BIG Blue Test, they will get a pass for a free public session! 

In order to make this happen, I need to;
  1. Get the rink to agree
  2. Find someone willing to donate all the testing supplies (meters, strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, cotton balls)
  3. Find some Medical Assistants/Nurses who are willing to volunteer their time to do the finger sticks.
  4. Advertise the event, via press releases, radio/tv news reports, flyers.... 
A big box electronic retailer has already said they will allow us to use laptops to log the skater's test data. 

So am I crazy? Will this work? Can I get everyone/everything necessary for a successful event? Any suggestions or volunteers are greatly appreciated! 

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