Saturday, March 3, 2012

Free Shower Days = Torture Days + New Batteries = Happiness

Every so often, it occurs that my infusion set and sensor need to be changed on the same day. To many in the DOC these are known as "free shower" days, but to me they are torture days. I dislike having to stab myself twice, the new infusion sets almost always hurt on these occasions and the sensors tend to be gushers. It's definitely not something to look forward to.

Today was one of those torture days. I put off changing the set and inserting the site as long as I possibly could. Finally the pump began to whine "No Delivery" and I had to go downstairs and take care of it. About half way down the stairs the pump whines again; "really?, wtf? can't you just leave me alone, I am going to take care of it right now!" Uhh never mind it was a low battery alarm.

I love putting in new batteries, especially when it is time for a new reservoir also. There is something about having both the reservoir and battery icons full, that gives me a thrill. A new battery and full reservoir makes up for today being a torture day.

*not my pump, mine is pink!

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