Monday, January 17, 2011

Miss America

In case you missed it the 2011 Miss America is Teresa Scanlan, Miss Nebraska.

Mr. Harer seems to have a knack for picking girls within the top 5, right from the moment they do their introductions. Tonight, he nailed it. He picked Nebraska right from the beginning.

My top choices;
Miss Arizona
Miss Iowa
Miss Pennsylvania
Miss Nevada
Miss Oregon

None of my picks made it to the top 5.

This year the pageant was back on it's home network, ABC. They dropped all the reality tv makeover pre-pageant silliness and brought the pageant back to it's root purpose; to find one young woman, who personifies the American ideal, brains, beauty and a heart of gold.

Despite her age (the new Miss America is only 17) I think the judges made an excellent choice. I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in her year.

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