Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet the Family

I have five younger siblings, we are fairly close, although we live in three different states. I miss them all immensely.

Ms. C and I are three years apart. C, lives in Oklahoma with her husband Mr. Wrong and her two daughters Miss E and Miss R.
Ms. C and I. She is the outspoken one
Big B is my step-brother, his dad married my Lisa, he just entered the military (air force, I think, but I am not sure.)
B, don't be mad, I "stole" this photo off your FB page.

J is my half-brother, he will be going to college in Reno next year. J and I are 11 years apart, he was born with a cleft-lip and palate, is really into science and is positively weird.
J and Miss E
Little Miss B, also known as Broccoli. She was my little doll growing up. She just turned 16 earlier this month and got her learner's permit to drive. Thankfully she lives in Oklahoma, so the roads here in So Cal. are safe.
Miss B
Miss S is the baby of the family. She is in 4-H and raises pigs and turkeys. She is growing in her relationship with Christ and I am so excited to see where life takes her.
I love this picture of Miss S

So now you've met the family.

Me and my sisters, circa 2003

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